Lakey Lane Primary School Joins Prince Albert Community Trust!

January 2024 has marked an exciting new chapter for Lakey Lane Primary School as they officially join Prince Albert Community Trust.

This collaboration promises a bright future for Lakey Lane, as they embark on a journey of educational excellence, community development and growth. Lakey Lane Primary School has a rich history of serving its local community having first opening in 1935. It now serves over 450 children and their families locally.

The integration into PACT brings with it a wealth of resources, expertise, and collaborative opportunities for Lakey Lane. This collaboration is expected to enrich the educational experience for both children and staff, bringing about positive developments that will benefit the entire school community.

On joining PACT, Head of School, Mr Boyd said "We are excited to embark on this new chapter with the Prince Albert Community Trust. This collaboration aligns with our vision for providing the best possible education for our students, and we look forward to the opportunities and growth it will bring to our whole school community".

PACT CEO Phillipa Sherlock -Lewis said “I am delighted to be welcoming to Lakey Lane as it joins the PACT community. I am highly enthusiastic about our future partnership and the mutual benefits it will deliver. It was a wonderful experience to engage with the staff during their January training day, and I eagerly await the opportunity to meet both their pupils and parents”.

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